The business world is fantastic. It's also challenging. Over the course of your career, you'll face ethical, cultural, political, and personal dilemmas in the workplace. You'll work with difficult people. You'll find yourself in compromising situations. You'll have to balance who you are as an individual with what your employer asks of you.
Can you stay true to who you are without sacrificing your success? Absolutely YES.
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ABC's of Success

An Expert Opinion:
Success in the Workplace
Is As Simple As A-B-C

Sometimes the simplest of concepts
delivers the biggest bang for our attention buck.

In this month's Expert Opinion, I share an Edgy Conversations article written by consultant Dan Waldschmidt about success. There are so many ways to look at success in the workplace. Most people start with measures of status: the prestige of a title, rapid advancement, and financial reward. If you're a reader of this column, you know I lean toward a broad view of success that considers who you are, how you are, what you do, and what you attain.

What I like about Dan's article is that it covers a lot of ground with very few words. These ideas can create big changes in your life - not just at work, but also at home. Even better, when you stack them up into this kind of A-Z list... you have a roadmap for how to live a good life. Success in the traditional view is just the icing on the cake.

You know how much I love sharing what I love, so here you have it. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Simple ABC's Of Being More Successful 
In Any Part Of Life
An article by Dan Waldschmidt via Edgy Conversations (April, 2013)

    "Accomplish more.  Get things done.  Stop starting and start finishing.
     Believe more. Know in your soul that you are strong enough to conquer the world.
     Communicate more. Stop assuming anyone understands you. Share what moves you.
     Delight more. Bring wonder and excitement to the world around. Be unexpected.


     Effect more. Help others realize for themselves the change they want to achieve.
     Focus more. Deliberately pause for moments of introspection and inspiration.
     Give more. Live to love others. Give like you would want to be given to. 
     Help more. Lend a hand even when you need both hands for your own business.


     Innovate more. Be a creator, a puppet-master, and an artist.  Design beauty.
     Join more. Bring people, ideas, and opportunities together.  Be a connector.
     Kneel more. Humility will take you further than arrogance and blaming others.
     Learn more. Never be satisfied with what you think you know.  Open your mind.


     Maximize more.  Take the resources you have and stretch them to meet your needs.
     Nurture more. Turn good people into great relationships. Make “people” a priority.
     Organize more. Build a plan. Put the pieces of your dream together into steps.
     Pioneer more. Leave a trail. Venture into the unknown.


     Qualify more. Get better at saying “NO” to good things that aren’t great things for you.
     Repair more. Fix “people issues” in your life.  Fix your finances and your health.
     Specialize more. Do one thing well instead of doing a dozen things halfway.
     Test more. Push all the buttons.  Twist all the knobs. Come to your own conclusions.


     Uncover more. Stop looking for skin deep problems and jump into soul issues.
     Value more. Put a value on your time, your relationships, and your dreams.
     Win more. Stop losing. Start doing things that add up to quick wins.
     Xamine more.  Be honest about your intentions and motivations.


     Yell more. Get loud about the things that matter most to you.
     Zag more. Do the opposite of what everyone else thinks you should be doing."

[End of article.]

Bottom Line

I think a lot of people want us to believe that success is really hard. We usually play along, because it takes us off the hook to achieve. If you think about the measures of success more broadly, as I do, success is much easier to attain. This list is a great way to start.

The bottom line of this article is crystal clear:  Engage fully in your life. Be more. Do more. Achieve more. I had to share this article, because I can't think of anything I'd wish more for you than... more.

"More" soon,

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