The business world is fantastic. It's also challenging. Over the course of your career, you'll face ethical, cultural, political, and personal dilemmas in the workplace. You'll work with difficult people. You'll find yourself in compromising situations. You'll have to balance who you are as an individual with what your employer asks of you.
Can you stay true to who you are without sacrificing your success? Absolutely YES.
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Coach on Call

Soul For Breakfast:
Coach on Call - New!

Who do you go to for advice
when you need fresh perspective?

If you're lucky, you have a few people in your life that you trust completely. People who support you and defend you. People who are smart and give sound and thoughtful advice. People who tell you the truth even when you don't want to hear it.

If you're really lucky, those same people have experience in the business world. They understand the challenges you face and how complex the world at work has become. They share practical advice when you're stuck, help you make tough decisions, and listen as you vent about challenges with co-workers.

What I hear from my clients is that even if they feel lucky to have people who love and support them, they don't always feel comfortable asking friends, family, or co-workers for advice. They don't necessarily want to bear their soul about things that aren't going well. Most of their loved ones can't provide the type of perspective they need. It's comforting to know I can look out for their interests without bias or judgment. 

Today I introduce a new feature for this column called Coach on Call. I've been writing this column for eighteen months, sharing my insights and providing my perspective on a wide variety of topics. I've posted over 50 articles (wow).  I sincerely hope they've made a difference and provided you with support and guidance. 

With the Coach on Call feature, I'll answer some of your questions here on the website. I'm excited to hear what's on your mind. I'm here to help.

How it works

1.  Start by clicking the Read More button below (if you don't yet see #2).

2.  Now ask me a question using the comments field under this post.  A few tips:

     - You can post anonymously if you like.  Or you can use one of your existing id's.
     - Think about what's frustrating you or impacting your relationships at work.
     - Tell me what drives you crazy about your boss and how it impacts your success.
     - Consider asking about something that might be holding you back.
     - Ask questions about how to handle difficult situations or uncomfortable discussions.
     - Whatever is on your mind related to work, just ask.
     - It's better if you don't mention your company, boss, or co-workers by name.  <grin>

3.  If you're feeling shy, you can send an email to:

Bottom Line

I spent time eating my soul for breakfast at work off and on throughout my career - even while enjoying great success. What I lacked certainly wasn't talent, skill, competency, or hard work. (I'm just sayin'.) I was lucky to work with so many talented people at some truly amazing companies. What I lacked at times was simply perspective. It's so easy to lose perspective when you're working hard day after day. Thankfully, all these years later, I now have perspective in abundance. And my goal is to share it freely through this column. 

I look forward to hearing from you. It's probably tempting to say you'll do it later. Don't wait! You'll get busy and forget. I know how it goes. Remember? I've been there. Hit me now with whatever is on your mind. I'll answer as many questions as I can in the coming weeks.

The comments box is just below this post... ask away!  

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If you think you might benefit from more than just Q&A support, I'd love to have the opportunity to help you directly. Maybe you've never considered working with a coach, or if you have, you were unsure how to start. Take a look at the information on this page to see if working with a coach might be right for you: Is Coaching Right For You?  If you have questions or would like to learn more, let's talk.